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Day in the Life




In Day in the Life

By Valo

The Davis Family – Day in the Life

On 29, Jun 2012 | 2 Comments | In Day in the Life | By Valo

What can I say, these Day in the Life sessions are quickly becoming one of my new favorite types of sessions. As much as I love a good one hour portrait session, there is so much more to a person, a family and the dynamics between. I have always loved the moments between the “pictures”, and spending a day with a person or family really lets you in to those moments. A beautiful portrait is awesome… Mixed with a story that portrait become more.

I don’t like thinking about the “Average Day”… because with that comes the connotation of boring, simple, day to day, the daily grind, work, eating, sleeping… There is so much to celebrate in an average day. Amazing things are happening everywhere… all the time. An average day to me, is extraordinary!
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In Day in the Life

By Valo

The Mathewson Family – Day in the Life

On 02, Dec 2011 | No Comments | In Day in the Life | By Valo

As the year draws to an end I finally have some time to start putting together all my thoughts from the year and develop them. A while back I found myself wondering what could make family sessions better. I started thinking about the portrait sessions I was shooting versus the weddings I was photographing. In both cases I like things to be natural, but at a wedding there is a lot more time to capture simple moments, laughs, expressions… the stuff that makes up life. I get a glimpse of this in a portrait session, but never really get into it… never get to develop the story completely. So I am working on some new things for next year. Celebrating the simple moments in life, I will be offering “Day in the Life” sessions
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