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Currently we offer three main sessions with a wide variety of product to purchase after your session. We are also available for quoted projects if you have something in mind that does not fit within our basic sessions. Please contact us for a quote, or to book a session!


Day in the Life

A Day in the Life session is an all day documentation of life! The sessions celebrate the simple moments in life… the real… the meat of life. They document a day and bring the ordinary into it’s true light… it’s true beauty. Each session is completely different, just as each of us is different, and every day is different. The Day in the Life session offers a moment in life, recorded and preserved.

At the end of it all, a 30pg, 8×8 fine art book is designed and created to archive the day. Schedule a session each year and start a collection and documentation of your life, your family, your history in the making.

I can’t say it any better than someone who has hired me to shoot a Day in the Life session. This is an email I got from Lisa after her session:


OMG!!!! I love them!!! All of them!! I tried staying up late last night to wait for the post, but I was so tired that I had to go to bed. The second my head hit the pillow my blackberry buzzed, I thought, I bet that’s Jake! So I checked my email and there was the link to the album. I had my laptop on the floor and quickly opened my email, there in the dark I open the pdf. The first page blew me away and I felt my stomach turn (in a good way). When I scrolled to the 2nd page, I burst into tears. Now comes the uncontrollable crying. You are the most amazing photographer I have ever come across! And I truly mean that. Your talent is beyond anything I have ever seen. You have truly been given a gift. The album is gorgeous and truly tells our real story. You captured so many real moments and things that happen in our home everyday. The pictures of Noah holding the cheese and standing at the fridge made me cry even harder. Multiple times a day he runs to the fridge because he wants something and we have even found him sitting in there with his pacifier :) Me with the kids in that “silly” chair as Luke calls it are amazing. Each and every photo is amazing and a work of art. I am planning to plaster my house with this images, I can’t wait!!

I am truly in awe of your talent and can’t thank you enough for your amazing vision. I am hoping to do this every year and I have no doubt you are going to have lots of success with this venture. In life, it really is the everyday that keeps us going, the small things and life’s little victories :)

These images are a constant reminder of how lucky I am to have the amazing family that I do, and they have kept me going this year. So, thank you for all you have done. I have no doubt you will be making waves in this industry. I wish you and your family all the best. Blessings :)

Thank you again!

See the Mathewson’s session on the blog…

Day in the Life sessions start at $1800



Lifestyle sessions are smaller versions of the Day in the Life sessions. Still devoted to capturing moments and emotion, the sessions are comprised of things you love! We capture the session in a documentary and portrait mix, offering a glance at the makings of your life. For example… if you love hanging out with your dog and going to get ice cream, let’s do that! If you love going to the Library and surfing… lets do that! Lifestyle sessions are kind of like personal branding shoots… Life, Style, Fun, Fresh.

See an example of a Lifestyle session with Erinn and Hobbes! Erinn’s thing was her horse… so we hung out with them at the farm.

Lifestyle session last about 2 hours and start at $300



Maybe you just want to get together and rock some awesome portraits? Lets do it! Our portrait shoots are on location and fun! Great images of you, your family, your loves… Let’s get together and make some images!

Check out this family shoot with the Kardelis family for an example…

Portrait sessions last about an hour and start at $150


Contact us to book a session or get more information!